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Essayontime.com Review

Melinda N. Rea ([email protected])

I felt I should give a testimonial to set the record straight. I have a lot of friends that use essay writing services and the difference between them and I is that they are just paying for an essay. When I use Essayontime I am paying for the services of the writer. The differences may seem subtle, but it is very simple. They pay for an essay when they use other essay writing services. They pay for a chuck of text that someone deems good or bad quality. When you use Essayontime.com you get an actual qualified writer, and you are paying for his or her time. It means that you get a 100% original and unique essay, and if you do not know the value of that, then they have no right ordering from essay writing services. You need to use this service if you want the good stuff. I have told my friends that they can get a no-obligation quote for the work, and it is true. You do not need to sign up for a quote or put your name on an email list and get spammed. You simply use the quotation tool on the prices page and you get your price right away.

Jason Stingley ([email protected])

Old essays are not resold by this company, which is good because I do not want some other person handing in the same essay I did in just a few months time. Every essay is custom written and then sent on to the buyer. It is custom-written, which means it is original. If you want to test this, then pick a subject and have the writer write on certain terms, but then change the essay parameters about 2 days into the project. There is no way they are going to find an essay online to sell to me with those parameters, so it must be that they are writing it themselves. The customer support people were good too because boy-oh-boy did I mess them around. I feel guilty now that I have graduated, but I treat them like puppies with a bone hanging from their collars, and they took my childish games with good humor. I once even phoned them up pretending to be the FBI and asked them for my details and they said they have no record of me using the site. It is a good service, and thank you Essayontime for putting up with me.

Alex P. ([email protected])

They have an in-house proofreading team, which is good because the first project I sent to them was just a proofreading job. They took their sweet time checking it, but it was okay when it was done. I think they have far more writers than proofreaders because when I asked for written work they got it done on the deadline. They say you will be 100% satisfied every time. It is kinda true, as I was always happy with the result, but just never too pleased about the proofreading service’s deadline keeping. They say they have writers that are writers for a living, and I can believe it. I can believe that they all spend most of every day writing essays for money because you can tell they know what they are doing. The text was tight and downright sexy when it comes to hitting the point. Thanks www.essayontime.com, you made my college life a damn site easier.

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